Tourists coming to see Ranjit Sagar Dam are now allowed to visit, Passes will be released from today onwards. Passes will be issued after the submission of full information and ID proofs. After this, tourists will be allowed to visit the Ranjit Sagar Dam Project. The tourist has been waiting for a long time to visit Ranjit Sagar Dam. The Dam Administration has set up a Public Relations Office near Security Check Post No-1 in Shahpurkandi Township where passes will be issued to the visitors. For the last one and half years, visitors were not allowed to enter Ranjit Sagar Dam. But from now onwards the public relations office employee Onkar Sharma said that the public relations office will remain open during holidays also. The visitors will be allowed to enter the Ranjit Sagar Dam project during off days also. Tourists will be given a complete guide about the Ranjit Sagar Dam project. Executive Engineer Bhoomi Chand said that the ban of the administration has been lifted and this system will start from Wednesday.

Source: Dainik Jagran

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