A plumber has now become an important part of our life that we can’t deny the fact that they play an important role in our society. So now there is no space of frustration in minds of people due to the dripping of water from pipelines which never let them sleep in peace. So, Pathankot today is here to help you in finding the trusted plumbers to cater to the requirement, right at the comfort of your home. 

With reasonable prices, you can avail of these plumbers in the Pathankot region.

Vicky plumber, Pathankot 

Vicky Plumber, the plumbing contractor, provides the best professional plumbing services in the Pathankot region at your doorsteps.

Address: Indra Colony Road, Pathankot, Pathankot – 145001 (Indra Colony)

Contact No: 9780967007

Suraj plumber 

 Suraj plumber is a professional plumber working in the Pathankot region for the last 10 years and is very affordable.

Address: Dhaki Road, Pathankot, Pathankot – 145001 (Opp. Airport)

Contact No: 7947464864

Plumber Vishal 

top plumbers pathankot

Vishal Plumbers is one of the most trusted plumbers in Pathankot. He has the experience of more than 5 years in the plumbing profession.

Address: 186, GALI NO2, DHANGU ROAD, Pathankot – 145001 (NEAR RAVI KARYANA STORE)

Baldev Raj, PTK

 Baldev Raj is a guy who knows how to talk to his customers in an approachable way. He provides overall plumbing service to the people of Pathankot. 

Address:- Dhangu Road, Pathankot – 145001 (near Venice hotel)

Kuldeep plumber 

Kuldeep Plumber is another experienced plumber who knows how to tackle different household problems be it a water leakage or a fitting. 

Address: BPO Sionty #108, Khanpur Road, Pathankot – 145001 (Near Hanuman Mandir)

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Lalit enterprises, Pathankot

Lalit Enter is the most renowned plumbers with many commercial as well as household plumbing contracts in Pathankot

Address: Ambedkar Nagar, Bhadroya Road, Pathankot, Pathankot – 145001

Brothers plumbers 

best plumbers pathankot

 They are leading plumbers in Pathankot for the last 8 years. They provide the best plumbing services to the people of the Daulatpur region. 

Address: Shop 388, Daulatpur, Pathankot, Pathankot – 145001 (Opp Gurdwara)

Raju plumber

 Raju plumber is one of the most affordable plumbers in the Pathankot region. His working hours lie between morning 9 AM to evening 6 PM.

Address: Badhroya Road, Pathankot, Pathankot – 145001 (Near Rattan Pal Atta Chakki)

Parveen plumber, PTK  

top plumbers pathankot

Parveen Plumber is an experienced plumber known for providing quality plumbing services in Pathankot.   

Address: Dalhousie Road, Pathankot, Pathankot – 145001 (Near Bus Stand)

Plumber puran, Pathankot

Puran Plumbers is the plumber in Pathankot working around the clock to provide quality plumbing service to the people of Pathankot. 

Address:- House No 245A, Sailli, Jalandhar Jammu Bypass, Pathankot, Pathankot – 145001 (Near New Chakli Bridge Pathankot)

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