Nurseries in pathankot

Buying plants, seeds, and flowers in Pathankot can bring a headache if you are not sure about where to buy them. As there are so many nurseries in Pathankot, Punjab. That’s why we decided to create this post to share the top nurseries of Pathankot.

Learn about the address and other Info of top nurseries in Pathankot. 

Nurseries in pathankot

Top Nurseries in Pathankot

Kailash Nursery: Located at Jugial Road, Kailash nursery has a variety of flowers including seasonal and evergreen. Plants are also available there. If you are planning to buy colorful flowers full of fragrance, then, Kailash Nursery is the best pick for you.

Address: Jugial Rd, Chak Madho Singh, Punjab

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Ram Kishor Nursery: A one-stop destination for all your plant requirements. Ram Kishor Nursery is located at Chak Madho Singh in Pathankot. They deal in a variety of plants, flowers, and trees. Don’t miss visiting them if you are ready to buy plants at a reasonable price.

Address: 8M23+CJ7, Chak Madho Singh, Punjab

Petals Flower Growers: Located at Chhotepur in Pathankot, Punjab. Petals Flower Growers is one of the well-known nurseries famous for dealing in a variety of flowers. They have very genuine pricing for all types of flowers, seeds, and pots.

Address: Chhotepur, Pathankot, Punjab 145001

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Evergreen Nursery: They have a big name in selling plants and flowers to greenery lovers. Located near Civil Hospital, Pathankot, which makes it easy to find and buy plants. The staff of Evergreen Nursery is very friendly and helps their customers choose the right plant according to their needs.

Address: Near Civil Hospital, Pathankot, Punjab

Nurseries in pathankot

Douji Ram Nursery: Located at Jugial road, Douji Ram Nursery is a famous place in Pathankot known for providing all types of flowers, plants, and seeds. You can visit their shops while traveling to Mukteshwar Temple.

Address: Jugial Road, Pathankot, 145001

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