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A good location is a must for Youtube videos, photos, and Instagram Reels. After content, location plays an important role to make a video attractive. If you are looking for some good locations in Pathankot, where you can shoot Reels or Youtube videos, read this blog.

Pathankot Today has listed some good locations where you can shoot video content for social media. Read on!

Local parks 

Parks are a good spot in Pathankot to shoot Reels or Youtube videos. Visit Environment Park or Dhruv Park if you want to capture greenery. These parks are well designed and have a good atmosphere, featuring trees and flowers. 

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Novelty Mall

Novelty Mall is also a good location in Pathankot to shoot Reels or Youtube videos. Shoot the video or click photos at the entry of the Novelty mall or inside it. The outside of the mall is also great for creating videos. It is especially good if you want to make a video with your kid since it has a play area, children’s cars, and also a fountain. 

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Suvidha Royale

Suvidha Royale is the most popular place for youngsters of Pathankot. Many youngsters of Pathankot go there for photoshoot and making videos. At the opposite side of Suvidha Royale, there is an open place where youngsters love to shoot photos, videos or reels. Visit this place for a perfect location for your shoot!

Victoria Estate

Another good place to create videos and click photos in Pathankot. Victoria Estate is only 10 km from Pathankot city. It is quite big and a nice place to shoot your reels. Cafe Coffee Day is also located in it. A lot of Punjabi music videos have been shot there.

Broken bridge

Another good spot in Pathankot to click photos and videos! Very few people know about this place. The broken bridge is hidden by bushes but if you see carefully, you can see people sitting there and working out during the morning hours. Indeed a cool place to record photos and videos!

Old railway pass

This place is also near Dhruv park. Before the underpass was built, there was a railway crossing at this place. It is closed now and surrounded by greenery. For those who love photography, this is a nice place to click some cool pictures with a train background. 

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New bridge

If you have been to a circle road, then, you must be familiar with this bridge. It was built some years ago only and has some nice views to the mountain. A lot of people work out and spend time there in the morning and evening. Use this location for your next Reels or Youtube video!

Railway area

Reaching this place requires some walking. Either cross the bridge from Dhruv park or walk towards Pathankot station or start from the station and walk in the direction of Dhruv park. This 3-km stretch has open fields, railways tracks, a deserted train, and great views for shooting videos and clicking photos in Pathankot. 

Home Sweet Home

Home will be the best and safest place for you during COVID pandemic. Try to stay at home and shoot your reels there only. Buy a ring light or phone stand since it will help you to shoot a reel or youtube video in high quality. Use the terrace too!

Remember, a good location won’t be able to attract people to watch your Reel or Youtube video. You will also have to make a good piece of content!

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