To promote tourism and employment in Pathankot, the Nature Awareness Project of cost 30 lakh has been prepared. Boating, water games, and other exciting games will start with the aim to provide employment to the residents of Pathankot. An amount of 30 lakh has been sent to the Forest Department for the same. Principle Chief of Conservator of Forest Department, Jatinder Singh stated this while visiting Pathankot. He visited the Forest Department office on Sunday morning. He also visited four tantrum houses built for tourism purposes in Chamraud, a five-kilometer nature trial in the middle of the jungle. Paying attention to the business of medicinal plants and wild herbs, people of Dhar, Pathankot can boost their income.

PCCF Jatinder Sharma said that he had one and a half-hour meeting with the self-help group and tasted pickles and other food items prepared. He also discussed the problems related to the marketing of prepared food with the women working in the self-help group.

Jatinder Sharma reached Pathankot in the afternoon and the team of Forest Department to the Amritsar- Pathankot highway. He saw thousands of trees planted alongside the road for the beautification of this route. He asked DFO Dr. Sanjeev Tiwari to plant trees on the other routes of Pathankot also.

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