The mother and her seven-year-old daughter died after consuming poison in the Sanduri village of Shahpurkandi area. The woman’s husband was out of the house to attend the marriage with his brother in law when this incident happened. His seven-year-old son was also not present in the house during the incident. When the son came home, he suddenly saw his mother and sister laying on the floor and vomiting. He immediately called his father and informed about the incident. Their relatives living nearby took mother and daughter to the private hospital in Pathankot. 

The doctor after examining, immediately referred them to a private hospital in Kotli as their condition was serious. During this, the mother and daughter died. The Mother Mamta(31) and her daughter Shaijal (7) were residents of Sandudi. 

Postmortem will confirm the cause of death

Jagdish Singh, Sub-Inspector at Shahpurkandi is investigating this case. During the Investigation, decease’s brother Mohit told that her sister was living under some tension. Due to this tension, she had consumed this poison and made her daughter also to consume this. Under such circumstances, Police have taken the dead bodies for postmortem. The cause of death will be confirmed after the postmortem

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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