After waiting for few months, people in the Pathankot have started getting their electricity bills. Powercom management has asked the private company to distribute the electricity bill as soon as possible. So far, two thousand people have received their electricity bills in last four days and the target is to deliver the electricity bill to remaining 11 thousand customers within next nine days,

During the lockdown, 17 thousand customers from the rural area of the district did not received their electricity bills. Powercom Authority has issued orders to the private company to speed up the process and complete the pending work in ten days.

Manoj Gupta and Hoshiyar Singh, supervisor of the Private distribution company, said that during lockdown there were 13 thousand consumers of North, South, and East subdivision who could not receive their electricity bills. From the last five days, all the bill distributors are working rapidly to deliver bills and it is expected that all the pending bills will be delivered by July 10.

Pathankot hotel and restaurant association urges government to wave off the electricity bill

Pathankot Hotel and Restaurant Association head, Nitin Ladi says that Hotel and Restaurant remained completely shut down from March to May 30. Due to lockdown businesses have suffered huge losses. The association wants Powercom and State Government to forgive their electricity bills during the lockdown period.

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