COVID-19 in Pathankot

COVID-19 has hugely affected businesses and lives in Pathankot. As of 15 June, 15,602 people have died of Coronavirus in Punjab. PB35 district however has been safe till now from the COVID crisis.  

In this post, Pathankot.Today will share the current status  of COVID in Pathankot, local guidelines for COVID, and everything else you need to know to fight the deadly disease.

“This blog is updated every week to share the latest COVID news and updates for Pathankot. Last update was done on June 15, 2021

COVID cases in Pathankot

According to Hindustan Times, Pathankot has 396 fresh cases and a positivity rate of 22.07% as of 11 May, 2021. However, it is possible that cases are more since reporting is less. 

COVID performance of Pathankot

Pathankot was ranked at first spot in COVID performance report prepared by Department of Health and Family Welfare, Punjab. This ranking was given by looking at testing, vaccination, and positivity rate in the district. Read more on this

COVID Guidelines in Pathankot (as of 6 June) 

Due to the increasing cases in Pathankot , the local authorities have implemented a strict lockdown. The weekly COVID guidelines are issued by the magistrate of pathankot. Below are the major highlights of the 6 June orders:

  1. Shops to be opened from 7AM to 6PM
  2. Night curfew from 7PM to 6AM
  3. Non essential businesses to remain closed 
  4. All non-essential businesses recommended to work from home.

Link to complete COVID guidelines

COVID support in Pathankot 

Although the local economy is facing  problems, NGOs and businesses of Pathankot are playing a crucial role in helping the needy people. They are running drives related to food donation and medical support.

Hotel Venice has started giving free food to COVID stricken families from its kitchen. The same can be ordered through a phone call. MCs of different wards are also supporting their regions through ration supplies and medical help. 

Become a COVID volunteer in Pathankot by filling this form

COVID vaccination camps in Pathankot:

COVID  vaccination camps have been set up at different places of Pathankot. Earlier, only people above 45 years of age were being vaccinated but after 15 May, vaccination is available for all above 18 years .

There will be permanent vaccination camp from 1.5.2021 at: 

  1. Arya Boys School, PTK  
  2. Govt Sen Sec School (KFC)  
  3. Govt Sr. Sec. School (Shaheed Makhan Singh)  
  4. District Administrative Complex, Pathankot.

General COVID guidelines:

  1. Face masks are mandatory for everyone. 
  2. Social Distance is required to be followed by everyone 
  3. Use of sanitizers is compulsory for essential businesses.
  4. Travelers from outside Punjab require the show COVID negative report not older than 72 hours. 

Learn about top politicians of Pathankot to seek COVID help

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