Best painters in Pathankot

Pathankot is already known for its rich cultural heritage. Surprisingly, a lot of skilled portrait and wall painters also reside in Pathankot and are known for their fabulous work in the field of painting.

On that note, Pathankot Today decided to share the list of best painters in Pathankot who have created masterpieces that are truly a work of art. Read on!

Painters in Pathankot: 

Let’s get started to take a closer look at the best painters in Pathankot. 

Mukesh Painters, Pathankot 

One of the best portrait and wall painters in Pathankot. They aim to deliver personality to any space with their creativity. 100 square meters is the average charge of these painters. 

Address: Near suvidha kendra, mamun, Pathankot 

Contact number: 98882 49844

Best painters in Pathankot

Do Bhai Painter

The most famous professional painting service that specializes in both portrait and wall paintings. If you want to add a touch of personal style to your home or office then, Do Bhai Painters is a perfect choice. 

Address: Near Patel Chowk, Pathankot. 

Contact number: 98886 61638

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Satnam Singh painter

With more than 20 years of experience, they are the best home painters in  Pathankot. With unique ideas and a perfect color choice, they have painted many houses along with the special demands of customers. 

Address: New Harijan Colony, MH ROAD, Dhangu Road, near Military Hospital

Contact number: 79471 37827

Best painters in Pathankot

Parveen Painter

When it comes to discounts along with the extra demands of clients, Parveen painter is the best painter in Pathankot to get in touch with. They offer affordable price rates to the customers. 

Address: Mutfaroa, Punjab, Haler Road, Pathankot

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Raju painter

Raju painter is one of the best home painters in Pathankot. They also deal on a contract basis and, customer satisfaction is their foremost priority. If you want to paint your home and make it more special then contact Raju painter. 

Address: Gurdaspur Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Pathankot.

Above are the best Painters in Pathankot to whom you can contact and get your homes and walls painted in one of the best and most creative ways. 

Discover the Best painters in Pathankot  

These are the best painters in Pathankot that gives good services in the same field. If you are also a painter and want to list your business on our website then, send an email to 

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