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We all might have gone through illness at some point of time in our life. And the first thing we look forward to is a chemist’s shop to have some medical supplies. However, to warn you, a lot of medical stores that don’t have any legal medical licenses are actively functioning and providing medical supplies in Pathankot. 

To save you from the same,  Pathankot Today decided to share a list of the 10 best medical stores in Pathankot that have legal medical licenses and are safe to buy any medical supplies. Read on!

10 Best Medical Stores and Chemist Shops in Pathankot

Let’s get started! 

Rooplal Puri & Sons

It is one of the most famous and oldest medical stores in Pathankot. They offer almost all kinds of medicines, cosmetics, and ayurvedic products. This medical store also has home delivery services for their customers living in Pathankot. 

Address: Shop No.1, Block, J Chowk, Dhangu Road. 

Contact number: 79471 38989

Pathankot Medicos

Another renowned chemist shop in Pathankot. They have experienced staff members that deal with customers in a friendly manner. They provide various kinds of generic medicines at very affordable rates in Pathankot.

Address: Dalhousie Road, Dhangu Chowk ( Light Wala Chowk)

Contact number:79474 28264

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Royal Medical Store

Those who want hair-related medical supplies at a very reasonable rate can visit the Royal Medical store. This medical store also provides home delivery to the residents of Pathankot.

Address:  Dad Complex, Railway Road, Indira Colony.

Contact number: 79474 30880

Ashoka Medical Store

When it comes to discounts and easy returns then, this medical store is best to visit in the Pathankot region. This medical store operates till 12.00 to provide medical supplies during the emergency. 

Address: Dalhousie Road, Gandhi Chowk 

Contact number: 98888 82151

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Vij Medical Store

With a well-trained and experienced staff, they provide the best consultation and medical supplies to their customers. If you are looking for a good and genuine medical store in the PTK region then visit this chemist shop. 

Address: Shop No-3, Nayyar Shopping Complex, Dhangu Road, Near Pushp Cinema.

Contact number: 79471 33550

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  • Raj medicos
  • Salgotra medicare 
  • Paul medicos 
  • Puri medical store 

Discover Medical Stores in Pathankot

These are the best and most trusted medical stores in Pathankot from where you can get medical supplies even at odd hours. If you are also a medical store owner in Pathankot and want to list your store on our website then send an email to

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