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Every event is pale without DJ. A good DJ ensures that everyone enjoys and has a great time attending any of the functions and in Pathankot, there is no wedding without DJ. 

The people of Pathankot celebrate their special moments with their DJs On to make them more memorable.

 So this blog of Pathankot today is dedicated to all those who are going to have fun in their events.  Below we are listing the best DJ services of Pathankot

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Best DJ services in  Pathankot 

DJ King, Pathankot

With more than 7 years of experience, DJ king is making every party of Pathankot from boring to happening. This DJ service is the first preference of local people and had very good music systems.

If you are planning to book a DJ then you can contact them. 

Address: Village Chhotepur, near shiv mandir Pathankot 

DJ Bali, Pathankot 

This DJ service of Pathankot makes the non-dancers hit the floor with its remixing of songs and tunes. DJ Bali knows what the crowd wants and hits their favorite songs which makes people enjoy more.

It provides DJ equipment on rent also. 

Address: Shop No 8, Dhaki Road, Near Sngaam Palace

Hay DJ, PTK 

This is the most famous DJ service in Pathankot that was established in the year 2021. Hay DJ offers various other services such as event organizers, party decorations, and more.

You can contact them and book them. 

Address: Dalhousie Road, Near Shani Dev Mandir.

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Audio 23, Pathankot

Located on Dalhousie road, which makes it easy for first-time visitors to contact them. This is a highly reputed DJ service of Pathankot who give their multiple services at special prices. 

If you want to make your party memorable then Audio 23 is the best choice. 

Address: Shop No-46, Dalhousie Road, Pathankot Junction, 

Dreamworld DJ, PTK 

This DJ service of Pathankot also offers its services to nearby areas of ptk. Dreamworld DJ gives various discounts on multiple orders and rents off its equipment at affordable prices. 

Book them for any party event at an affordable price.

Address: Khurd Saorara, Pathankot.

Bawa DJ. PTK

Bawa DJ makes every party and event memorable for all those who have booked their DJ in Pathankot. The unique way of remixing old and new songs makes every age group dance and have fun. 

You can contact them and book them for any event 

Address: Char Marla Quarters, Pathankot 

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 Bonus DJ services in Pathankot

  • Ashwani DJ sound 
  •  Being DJ India
  • Jamwal sound system
  • DJ Sagar

Above is the  10 best DJ service in Pathankot which make partygoers stop and had fun at the party. 

Discover the Best DJ Services in Pathankot  

These are the best DJs that give good services in the Pathankot region. If you are one who gives DJ services for weddings, parties, and events  and wants to list on our website send an email to 

Please email on the same if your business detail is incorrect.

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